Flag Sizing Chart



How to Choose the Right Size Flag for your Flagpole

When flying 1 flag on a single flagpole the length of the flag should be at least one quarter the height of the pole. For example, a 40-foot pole requires at minimum a 6'x10' flag with max being 8'x12'. The chart below is a good guide for determining the proper size flag for your pole.

Flying 2 flags on a Single flagpole?

When flying 2 flags on a single flagpole you want to make sure not to "over flag" or "have too much flag". Too much flag on a single pole can cause undue stress on the flagpole in bad weather and it will not look good.

Examples of proper sizing:

  • 20' Flagpole-Minimum Top flag 3'x5', Bottom (2nd flag) 2'x3'
    • 20' Flagpole Maximum Top flag 4'x6', Bottom (2nd flag) 3'x5'
  • 40' Flagpole-Minimum Top flag 6'x10', Bottom (2nd flag) 5'x8'
    • 40' Flagpole Maximum Top flag 8'x12', Bottom (2nd flag) 6'x10'

Keep in mind that there are certain variable that may change the size of flags that you  can fly on your flagpole. Some of these variables include the diameter of your flagpole, the wall thickness of your flagpole, material the flag is made of (Polyester or nylon) and don't forget the wind speed where the flagpole is located. If you're not sure of the wind speed where you live, check out the wind load chart.

Still not sure what size flag to fly? Feel free to Contact Us at the Flagpole Store. 


Flagpole Length Maximum Flag Size
6' House Flagpole 3' x 5'
20' 3' x 5'
25' 4' x 6'
30' 5' x 8'
35' 6' x 10'
40' 8' x 12'
50' 10' x 15'
60' 12' x 18'
70' 15' x 25'
80' 20' x 30'