Flagpole Rope

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Our Flagpole Rope is specifically designed for flagpoles. Stays firm and round over pulleys yet flexible with good elasticity.

The size of halyard depends primarliy on two conditions. The height of your flagpole and the size halyard that your flagpole truck (pulley) will allow. This is also known as a sheave (pronounced  "shiv"). The sheave is the rotating, grooved wheel inside of the truck (pulley). This is the piece that the rope fits into.

The most common types of flagpole halyard sizes are:

  • 3/16"
  • 1/4"
  • 5/16" 
  • 3/8"

What size halyard do you need?

1/4" halyard is used for most residential flagpoles up to 20'. 5/16" halyard is for commercial and residential flagpoles up to 50' and 3/8" halyard is used for commercial flagpoles up to 80'.

Internal flagpoles with a cam cleat sould be ordered by the height of the flagpole and are pre-made in our factory. These come with a thimble already crimped onto the end for ease of installaation and are known as rope assemblies

Most Internal Fiberglass flagpoles require 3/16" halyard. Please consult your flagpole manual for more information.

Note: For internal halyard flagpoles with a winch, see Winch Operation, Care and Maintenance, and Wire Cable Replacement Instructions for Internal Halyard Flagpoles.

Our Flagpole rope stays firm and round over pulleys yet flexible with good elasticity.

  • Priced per foot
  • Solid Braided Multi-filament
  • Meets Federal Specification MIL-C-43307
  • Please specify number of feet you need, the quantity in the cart should represent the desired length.


Pro Tip: When ordering rope for your flagpole, make sure you double the height of your flagpole (i.e., 40 feet of halyard for a 20 foot flagpole) and then add on 5' - 10' of extra rope to make sure that you are not short after you tie your knot and add on your snaphooks. We also recommend tying a knot on the top snaphooks which will help in securing the flag and protecting the sheave of the flagpole truck.



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