Solar DISC Flagpole Light

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NEW Solar DISC light with 1 row facing down, 1 row facing out at 45 degrees to catch the flag in bloom and 6 short throw LED's facing up to illuminate your beautiful ornament!

This patented light will allow you to see the top Eagle/ornament at night with the benefit of the 6 up facing (short throw) LED's, illuminating the ornament and not the sky behind it, conforming to most jurisdictions where a night sky policy may be in place.

This light has 32 high power LED's facing down and 6 short throw LED's facing up for a total of 38 LED's. Powerful 6volt Solar Panels (3) feed a massive 3.7-volt Li-on 4400 mAh battery pack with built-in charge control and auto on-off feature, set it and forget it!